Trevor Stines On Cosplay, Comics, And Being A Totally Awesome Geek


Trevor Stines is one of those actors you should keep an eye on. Eloquent, charming, and easy on the eyes, He's currently on one of the hottest shows airing on the CW, Riverdale, based on the characters from Archie Comics. And while his character, Jason Blossom, has no speaking parts (spoiler: that's because he's dead), Trevor is in the unique position of playing arguably one of the most important characters on the show. This was also my first time hearing his voice, so I can now check off "Knowing what the hell Jason Blossom sounds like" from my bucket list.

jasonblossomIf you follow him on Twitter (you need too, it's @Trevor_Stines) you'll notice that he is a geek, like the rest of us reading this. Trevor grew up with a love for Spider-Man, due in part to the animated show. Because of this, he dove into researching and reading everything he could find online about the characters. His first "real" foray into comics was Batman: Hush, which is arguably one of the greatest Batman stories ever told. But from there he was hooked, fostering a love for comics from all eras. His clear favorite however, is Invincible.

Trevor was drawn into Invincible due to it's fresh new take on the superhero genre. The series doesn't take itself seriously, yet is still a layered story with emotion and great humor. Invincible also has gritty violence, which effect's the protagonist, Mark Grayon. He also appreciates how it shows Mark dealing with his powers, while also dealing wit every day life problems such invincibleas college, family, and friends. In a way it reminded him of Spider-Man, and he also really loves the costume. "I love costume design," he chimed. Makes sense, you'll see why in a moment.

Growing up he had seen Archie comics around. He knew the basics of them; the characters, the idyllic landscape. But it wasn't until Riverdale came knocking that he started reading them. He started with Afterlife With Archie, one of the greatest series the company has ever published, and where his character also dies at the hands of his twin sister. Trevor is thrilled that fans love the show, but as he said, the show doesn't change the comics. The classic Archie is still there, and modern Archie is as well. Riverdale is it's own contained universe. Currently we don't know if Jason will appear in season 2 (in flashbacks), but he is excited to see that they do with the show. Since I am as invested in the show and every fan theory out there, I asked Trevor about his favorite theory he's heard. He was particularly drawn to one where Archie was supposed to die. On the 4th of July, FP was supposed to kidnap Archie as a way of getting back at Fred for firing him. FP was likely drunk, got his red heads mixed up, and well. You know the rest.


Cosplay is also in Trevor's radar. While there's no concrete plans as of yet, he wants to get into it. He is a fan of costume design, and even owns a Spider-Man costume that he wore to Captain America: Civil War. He has a list of characters he'd love to cosplay as, including Supder-man, a movie accurate Spidey, and he even has ideas of his own. Like the rest of us who grew up reading comics, Trevor has his own ideas for superheroes he'd love to bring to life. Personally I think he can do it, and I'd love to see comics by him in the future. He's also a big Rick and Morty fan, and is in full support of bringing back that damned McDonald's Szechuan Sauce.

For now, Trevor is just enjoying the Riverdale ride. He is looking forward to seeing where he'll go from here, and frankly so I am. This guy's going places, I suspect we'll see a lot more of him soon!

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