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As you probably know, The CW's Riverdale premiered, bringing Archie and the gang to life like we've never seen before. If you're new to the world of Archie, let me help catch you up!


archie-profile-picThe all American boy next door, Archibald Andrews. Archie is a likeable, down to Earth kid who plays sports, writes music, and can't decide between Betty and Veronica, or any other Riverdale girl! Archie is a selfless hero, who's always there for his friends. His parents are Mary and Fred Andrews, he has a dog named Vegas, but in the Little Archie universe he grew up with a dog named Spotty.

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Betty Cooper Profile PicEveryone's favorite girl next door, Elizabeth Cooper. Friend to all, Betty is smart, athletic, can fix a car and cook brownies…all in a single day! Betty has been infatuated with Archie since they were little, but her love for him won't get in the way of her friendship with best friend Veronica. Betty's family includes Hal and Alice Cooper, older brother Chic and older brother Polly, who have both moved out of Riverdale.

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Veronica Lodge Profile PicRich and mysterious, Veronica Lodge. A little standoffish, Veronica can be seen as cold and selfish. But deep down in inside Veronica is a friendly person, and will happily go shopping with you or give you a complete makeover. Just don't ask her to cook for you. She caught Archie's eye the day she moved into Riverdale. Best friend to Betty, Veronica is in a never ending contest to out do Betty, even if it's all in Veronica's head. Veronica's parents are Hiram and Hermione Lodge, and her cousin Harper sometimes hangs out with the Riverdale gang as well.

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Jughead Jones Profile PicForsythe Pendleton Jones is the town's aloof yet wise food lover. Jughead is Archie's best friend and closest confidant. Jughead is an average student, and would prefer sleeping or eating. Jughead is also a comic book fan and enjoys video games as well. Most notably he has an aversion to women. Over the years however he has had girlfriends, but it's never been a defining point of him. Really, his true love is probably a cheeseburger. His family includes Forsythe and Gladys Jones and little sister Forsythina "Jellybean" Jones and dog Hot Dog.

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reggie-mantle-profile-picReggie has been Archie's rival since he first appeared in the comics. He's a wise cracking, prank playing, athletic, average American student. Seen as a snobby and rude, Reggie does have a soft side, though rarely seen. He's fond of Veronica, but doesn't like the idea of staying with just one girl. Not much is known about his family. His parent's names are Ricky and Vicky Mantle, and he also has a brother Oliver. Reggie's family is seldom seen in the comics, but Reggie is a pretty big personality all his own.

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Kevin Keller Profile PicKevin Keller is much like Archie. Athletic, fun, friend to all, and popular. When he first moved to Riverdale he caught Veronica's attention, but as it were Kevin is gay. The two are instead best friends, and Kevin is also close to Jughead. Kevin's father is in the Army, resulting in him moving often. Kevin is also a fan of food, resulting in him and Jughead having eating contests.

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Cheryl Blossom Profile PicRich, sultry and manipulative, Cheryl Blossom. While Cheryl does have a strong mean streak, but she can be friendly once you get to know her. Jason, her twin brother, is similar to Reggie in many ways and has a soft spot for Betty. The two fit into Riverdale well, but they are from a wealthy family, causing a rivalry between Veronica and Reggie respectively. Cheryl is also a love interest for girl crazy Archie, but then again, who isn't?

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