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X-Men: Gold #32 cover by Phil Noto
That said, something actually happened this issue, and it made for a decent book. X-Men Gold #32 art by Pere Perez and Jay David Ramos Pere Perez did some excellent work with the visuals in this comic, giving highly detailed and slightly textured artwork The characters have a sleek and defined look, the background detail is well[...]
X-Men: Gold #31 cover by Phil Noto
It is intended to show what a certain character is seeing, but you can't help but wonder why this vision is so extensive and what some of it actually adds to the story. X-Men Gold #31 art by Pere Perez, Jay David Ramos, and Matt Milla Pere Perez's artwork is solid, giving something of a classic feel[...]
X-Men Blue #24 cover by Jorge Molina
Molina, Matt Milla and Jay David Ramos do a damn good job of bringing the battle to life. The parallel stories of Polaris battling the Rakshak team and Jimmy, Bloodstorm, and Briar building a new X-Men team is fairly enjoyable. Even the dialogue gels better than in prior issues of X-Men: Blue There's only one real groaner[...]
Jean Grey #11
We make no promises about the use of your time, however. This week we've got Phoenix Resurrection #5, All-New Wolverine #30, Despicable Deadpool #293, Old Man Logan #34, and Jean Grey #11. Let's wrap up the week, saving the (hopefully) best for last with Jean Grey #11! Jean Grey #11 Writer: Dennis Hopeless Artists: Victor Ibanaz and Alberto Albuquerque Colorist: Jay David Ramos Letterer: Travis Lanham This is[...]
Jean Grey #9 cover by David Yardin
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Now, despite the unfortunate cover to the issue, Jean Grey #9 from Marvel Comics by Dennis Hopeless, Victor Ibáñez, Jay David Ramos, and Travis Lanham is a really great entry into this young series, even if it does feel like it is hurtling towards a conclusion I'm not saying the cover is bad —[...]