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Comic Book Workers United
We are asking our community of supporters to continue emailing, writing, and tweeting that Image Comics can still voluntarily recognize the CBWU. Signed, Emilio Bautista Ryan Brewer Leanna Caunter Marla Eizik Drew Fitzgerald Melissa Gifford Chloe Ramos Tricia Ramos Jon Schlaffman Erika Schnatz The Comic Book Workers United has also listed the following names of supporters to their cause. Jay Edidin, Aimee Fleck, Jim Dandeneau, Kenneth Laster, Rebecca[...]
From Podcasting About X-Men to Writing Them: Jay Edidin Tales Cyclops
Writer and podcaster Jay Edidin has quite the origin story He is making his debut writing for Marvel Comics with an untold Cyclops story in the upcoming X-Men: Marvels Snapshot, but Edidin has a unique relationship with the X-Men Edidin is the co-host of the Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men podcast where the two hosts[...]