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The Pride Releases a Call for Artists
Obviously, if I cannot find artists able to commit to that length/amount of work, then I will return to the previous model of different artists per issue. Art by JD Faith I took my first job on The Pride seven years ago, as a much younger man I've done several stories since and been glad to do[...]
Tales from the Four Color Closet: Top 5 LGBTQ in Comics in 2015
Virgil by Steve Orlando, JD Faith and Chris Beckett Steve Orlando did it again this year with the action-packed, hyper violent and really wonderfully done Virgil, from Image comics. Virgil is extra-special because not only is it a leading gay man action hero character in a hard-boiled, violent tale of revenge and murder, but also it's a[...]
The Pride Ends At Thought Bubble Next Week
 This one featuring art from JD Faith (Virgil), Martin Kirby and Adam Graphite, with Ben Wilsonham on colors and Mike Stock on letters Oh, and a beautiful cover by Jamal Campbell!   Back again for one last round of adventures with the LGBTQ+ superheroes of The Pride! -The Pride come face-to-face with Outrage to stop his murderous rampage[...]
Why Now, Why Virgil?
By Steve Orlando It's been a month. Ever since we decided to launch VIRGIL on Kickstarter I've been sweating bullets, spending every waking hour talking