The Pride Releases a Call for Artists

Art by Jamal Campbell
Art by Jamal Campbell

As anyone who reads my articles here at Bleeding Cool is probably aware, I am also a comic creator, writing LGBTQ superhero team series, The Pride. The Pride recently enjoyed a massively successful Kickstarter to fund a collection of the first volume of stories, and the first issue was one of ComiXology Submit's Top 25 Titles of 2014.

Art by Gavin Mitchell
Art by Gavin Mitchell

But the time has come to keep moving forward, and Bleeding Cool are very kindly allowing me to put out the call here.

It was great to be part of a project with such diversity, it will always have a special place in my heart.

Gavin Mitchell, Stiffs, Trolltooth Wars, How to be a Superhero

The second volume has been written and prepared for some time, and I am currently seeking an artist/s to collaborate with me and make the second volume of LGBTQ+, representative action a reality.

Art by Chris Wildgoose & Ben Wilsonham
Art by Chris Wildgoose & Ben Wilsonham

I've worked on two Pride stories… I'd not worked on anything super hero-esque before so I quite fancied the change of environment and getting into drawing some fighting scene action. Both of those stories I worked on did what The Pride does best. Good fun action with some great humour thrown in. I took both of them on mainly because of these reasons.

Chris Wildgoose, Batgirl, Gotham Academy, Porcelain

Obviously, this is a paid gig. I'll be looking to pay out of my own pocket to get the artwork done, but I'm also looking to further supplement the artists pay with Kickstarters either per issue, or per three issues.

I believe in having a diverse spread of voices, and The Pride promotes and embodies many that have been under-served in a wide cast of characters that are just a ton of fun to work with.

Jamal Campbell, JLA Rebirth: Vixen, Prowler

I am ideally looking for an artist who would be able to commit to the whole volume (six issues, between 20-24 pages per issue), or two artists who can take the series in three issue chunks. Obviously, if I cannot find artists able to commit to that length/amount of work, then I will return to the previous model of different artists per issue.

Art by JD Faith
Art by JD Faith

I took my first job on The Pride seven years ago, as a much younger man. I've done several stories since and been glad to do it. I want every job I take, ideally, to mean something, and I greatly admire Joe's goal of creating heroes for people who need more.

–  JD Faith, Virgil, Murder Book, Junkyard Lambs

There is also a possibility that I will continue sister series, The Pride Adventures, for more short, self-contained stories set in the world, so if you're unable to commit to the main book, but would love to be considered for shorts, feel free to get in touch too.

Art by Maxime Garbarini & Hector Barros
Art by Maxime Garbarini & Hector Barros

I worked with Joe on The Pride not only because Joe is a nice guy, not only because it was a socially important book but also because it was a fun and most importantly good book! Joe paid me fairly and promptly for my artwork and I would 100% recommend any artist looking to stretch their comic storytelling muscles to work with him on his future work.

Marc Ellerby, Rick & Morty, Doctor Who: Eleven, Chloe Noonan

Ideally, the artists applying should have proven experience in sequential artwork (either in portfolio examples or previous comic work), be comfortable with character design too, and I'm looking for a great hand at storytelling and a modern superhero style and sensibility.

I wanted to work on the stories because the writers had written something genuinely fun and with some great action scenes, also they let me and other artists do what we wanted in terms of how we visually told it. It's a great place to go to if it's your first toe into drawing a super hero world.

-Chris Wildgoose

I've dotted examples of previous artwork, and quotes from previous artists throughout.

Art by Kris Anka
Art by Kris Anka

If interested, contact me via my twitter or The Pride Facebook page with a link to your online portfolio.

In an industry starved for LGBTQ representation, THE PRIDE is a fun and important book made by LGBTQ creators

Kris Anka, Star-Lord, Captain Marvel, Uncanny X-Men

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