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Comic Book Workers United
Sarandis, Justine Salas, Hae-Lin Choi, Ezra Taylor, Jerome Gonyeau, Chris Sotomayor, Nichole David, Sydney Breakfield, Christopher Hastings, Emilee Ann Wasiewski, Katherine Sullivan, Beatrice K, Allison Johnson, Nathan Stryker, Alex Goldman, Justin Azevedo, Bixby Harper, Phoenix Hall, rebis, Joel Thomas, Andy Marshall, Emily Tyhurst, kynya, Carmen Chan, Angela, Nathan Astle, Casey, Arrison Warner, Pfeiffer Strom, Katey[...]
Tweeting At Buzzfeed And Other Don'ts Of Indie Comics PR 101
While Jen Vaughn of Fantagraphics had mentioned earlier the importance of starting a PR campaign three months in advanced to the release of a print issue, Caylo described the extra care promoting Lumberjanes demanded "We had to speak directly to retailers to let them know that they were going to get a new kind of[...]
Michael DeForge Sweeps the Ignatz Awards + Complete List Of Winners
Presenters included Becky & Frank, Jen Vaughn, Carol Tyler, Ulli Lust, Raina Tegelmeier, Kate Leth, Mikhaela Reid, Lucy Knisley, and Rutu Modan. This year, the ComiXology: Submit program is sponsoring the post-awards gala, a highly appropriate team-up for the fostering of independent comics Chip Mosher addressed the gathering at the conclusion of the awards to express[...]