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Jerome Gotham Season 4
Gotham took this week off because of the NFL Draft, but a new video is teasing some very interesting things for when the show comes back on May 3rd and that seems to do with Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan) Spoilers below if you're not caught up. Two weeks ago we saw Jerome fall to his death[...]
Cameron Monaghan Talks Playing Jerome Valeska
Cameron Monaghan can finally talk about playing Jerome Valeska He knew after his first appearance that he would tie into the origin of the Joker And after fan reaction got him a second stint on the show in season two, he knew he would be come back for season three even though his character was[...]
David Mazouz Reacts To The Jerome Valeska Trailer For Gotham
Which leads us to actor David Mazouz, Gotham's Bruce Wayne, seeing and reacting to the trailer for the first time. The Winter-finale with Bruce Wayne vs Jerome Valeska airs January 30th on Fox. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: David Mazouz Reacts To The Jerome White Band Trailer | Season 3 | GOTHAM ( [...]
The Life, Death And Rebirth Of Jerome Valeska
It looks like Gotham is really wanting to push the Jerome Valeska vs Bruce Wayne storyline, giving us the earliest battle between The Joker and Batman since Jack Napier killed Thomas and Martha in Tim Burton's Batman film Fox has released this trailer that not only recaps what has happened to Jerome so far, but[...]
Gotham's Jerome Is Starting To Look A Bit Like A Greg Capullo Drawing
Here is a look at Greg Capullo's take on Joker with his face stitched back on. Here is the new teaser for tonight's return of Gotham which includes the character of Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan) at the very end looking a bit worse for wear  They have been teasing that Jerome might be the Joker since[...]