Jill Thompson

Tim Seeley, Gene Ha, Jill Thompson, Mike Norton And More Step Up For Ed Siemienkowicz

Ed Siemienkowicz, a member of the Chicago comic community was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. A freelance artist without insurance, his medical bills are astronomical. A bunch of Chicago comic people have created a series of original pieces of art for auction, including Tim Seeley (above), Gene Ha, Mike Norton and Jill Thompson (below), in an attempt to help. You can see the […]

Celebrating Dark Horse's Women In Comics – Elfquest's Wendy Pini Is Proud To Be A 'Tough, Stubborn, Long-Surviving Woman Pioneer'

Since 1978, the world of Elfquest has inspired the minds and artistic bent of generations of readers, and the unstoppable trajectory of its ever-expanding world has moved through various platforms, displaying the full versatility of the comics medium, from mainstream publishing, to self-publication, webcomics, and now back to print in a new incarnation with Dark […]

From The Team Behind The Image Revolution – She Makes Comics Hits Kickstarter

Sequart Research & Literacy Organization and Respect Films are launching into their next documentary hot on the heels of the ground-breaking feature The Image Revolution. This time, they are taking on the "boys club" of the comics industry through the eyes of female creators and editors, and discussing women in comics history going right back […]

Jill Thompson's Sandman Movie Pitch Art For Sale

Neil Gaiman tweeted; Some years ago, I had to pitch/explain SANDMAN to Warners. Jill Thompson illustrated the pitch. That art's for sale All this work can be found at Cadence Comic Art with price around the $800 level.

The Diamond YouTube Comic Con Interviews That Nobody Has Seen

Diamond Comic Distribution has created a bunch of videos with Vince Brusio, interviewing big comic book names at San Diego Comic Con and Image Expo. The only problem is, despite the big names, hardly anyone has watched them. Robert Kirkman's video has twenty-nine views. Dan DiDio has eight. Jill Thompson has seven. Nick Spencer had […]

Jill Thompson's Wonder Woman – Sooner Than We Think?

A Bleeding Cool reader reports from San Diego Comic Con; Jill Thompson was selling Wonder Woman prints at her booth, and emphasized that this was *her* Wonder Woman, if she ever got the chance to do the story that she wanted to do. I asked when she thought that might be, and she looked around […]

How The French Advertise Beasts Of Burden

Yes, folks, this is how the French are advertising their publication of Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson's Beasts Of Burden. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTiE_ceQOx8[/youtube]

Comic Book Creator Threadless Shirts For $10 A Pop

Take one world renowned T-shirt company. Take a bunch of comic book creators. Take their T-shirt designs for the company from a while back. Take half off. Reduce shipping if you order a bunch of them as well… so who do we have? Becky Cloonan Jill Thompson Tony Moore Ethan Nicholle JR Goldberg Cliff Chiang […]

What If Jill Thompson Drew Supergirl, Batgirl And Wonder Woman?

This weekend, I bought my six year old daughter the new Lil' Endless Storybook by Jill Thompson. Today she has mostly been drawing Despair and Barnabas. I'd love to by her something featuring Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Woman. Just saying. In case any beancounters are reading.

And Finally… Buffy Vs Vampirella by Jill Thompson

From a commission by Jill Thompson. A famous vampire and a famous vampire killer. Something for those cold, lonely nights, I think. Look, today I ran stories about gay teen bullying, female empowerment against corporate publishers and legal documents. I have to balance it out somehow.

Tr!ckster, The Creator Owned Comic Bar For San Diego Comic Con

There has been criticism of late over the San Diego Comic Con, reflected in The Cleveland Show last night, that it has become less about comic books and more about Hollywood's marketing machine. It's an attitude that I've generally dismissed I believe that San Diego Comic Con is what you make it, there is so […]