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Zenescope's Joe Brusha Talks Man Goat & the Bunnyman and Cthulhu
Zenescope Entertainment's Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco joined Bleeding Cool today to talk about the next installment of the company's horror/comedy title, Man Goat & the Bunnyman Man Goat & the Bunnyman returns this week with the second volume, titles Green Eggs & BLAM! Let's see what Joe and Ralph had to say about this new[...]
Grimm Fairy Tales Hits #50 Again in Zenescope's June 2021 Releases
This issue will bring the current arc to a close in Zenescope's June 2021 releases, which will also see the return of Hercules Payne once co-written by Eisner winner Chuck Brown and the conclusion of the comedy comic Man Goat & the Bunny Man from Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Dave Franchini. Grimm Fairy Tales #50[...]
Dragon Clan Leads Zenescope Entertainment's May Releases
Credit: Zenescope Entertainment Myths & Legends Quarterly: Dragon Clan Story by: Joe Brusha SUPERSIZED ISSUE ONE-SHOT • 80 PAGES • FC • $8.99 • TEEN Spoken of as only rumor and myth, the Dragon Clan was thought to be nothing but a legend Now, after more than a millennia, they have risen again, more powerful and deadlier than even[...]
Full Details for Tonight’s Shroomish Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO
Each of the writers behind this wild concept also has a larger role at Zenescope, so today I talked to Ralph Tedesco (co-writer, c0-Founder, and Zenescope's VP of Film & Television), Dave Franchini (co-writer, editor on many of their other titles), and Joe Brusha (co-writer, co-Founder, President) about this upcoming comic, the state of comedy, and more. Man[...]
Robyn Hood & Tarot Card Game Lead Zenescope March 2021 Solicits
In March of 2021, Zenescope's flagship characters Robyn Hood, Van Helsing, and Belle will face off with new villains in one-shots from Joe Brusha, Dave Franchini, and more In addition to the continued comics set in Zenescope's Grimm Universe, a shared world where indie horror and superhero action collides, the Pennsylvania-based publisher will debut their crowdfunded card[...]
Epic Meal Time's Harley Morenstein: YouTube Creator Spotlight
This marks the first time that company President and longtime writer Joe Brusha takes on the solo Van Helsing title, which was the basis for SyFy's TV series Joined by artist Daniel Mainé, colorists Robby Bevard and Maxflan Araujo, and letterer Taylor Esposito, Brusha tells a standalone story of Liesel Van Helsing and her assistant Julie Jekyll, facing off with a[...]
Zenescope Entertainment Announces Retailer Program for 2021
Zenescope Entertainment. Joe Brusha, Zenescope's President and, along with Ralph Tedesco, one of the creators who takes part in plotting nearly every comic that the company publishes, spoke on this upcoming shift to their slate Brusha said: "We will continue to publish a limited number of mini-series each year, but those will be stories that fall outside of[...]
Zenescope's Ralph Tedesco Exclusively Talks About Virtual Cons
Who else can viewers expect to guest on this show? Ralph: Yes! This month our friends Brian O'Halloran and Marilyn Ghigliotti from CLERKS will join us, which is going to be awesome! Then aside from yours truly, we'll have my Zenescope co-founder, Joe Brusha, and also artist Sun Khamunaki on the panel We'll probably announce one[...]
Van Helsing #50 Leads Zenescope's November 2020 Solicitations
Credit: Zenescope Here are Zenescope's full November 2020 solicits, debuting at Bleeding Cool first: Van Helsing #50 Joe Brusha (W) Allan Otero (A) ONE-SHOT • 64 PAGES • FC • $7.99 • TEEN Liesel Van Helsing has taken on Dracula and his league of undead allies on numerous occasions and has come out on top But in the vast dimensions[...]
Zenescope Expands Into Card Games With Tarot: A Game of Souls
The game, Tarot: A Game of Souls, casts one of the company's flagship characters, Keres the Death Goddess, as the star of this game of fates. Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco are the founders of Zenescope and the creators of their interconnected "Grimm Universe," a horror/superhero hybrid universe populated with both public domain icons as well as characters[...]
Zenescope Launches Evil Heroes From Joe Brusha And Eric J
Zenescope are launching a superhero team comic – but one that's a little more Crime Syndicate than Justice League. Evil Heroes is a six issue limited series by Joe Brusha and Eric J. With great power… comes great corruption Superheroes are real They walk the earth as gods among men But the fairy tales of them protecting mankind and[...]
Come With Me To Neverland… And Bring A Gun
I'm writing the series based on a concept by Joe Brusha, with art by Luca Claretti and colors by Renato Guerra The first issue of Neverland: Age of Darkness will hit shelves in March. When I say Neverland, you probably think about Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle and[...]
Zenescope Outsells Marvel In Battle Of Oz Debuts
It also out sold the other Oz related issue 1 release in July: The Emerald City Of Oz from Marvel Comics. Zenescope President and series writer Joe Brusha had this to say about the sell out: "I'm very happy that so many retailers and fans have taken a chance on this book I hope they're enjoying reading[...]