Zenescope Entertainment Announces Retailer Program for 2021

Zenescope Entertainment has officially announced a major change to its 2021 publishing program as well as an initiative to work alongside retailers. This year, the publisher, which celebrates its fifteenth anniversary, will shift the structure of its interconnected Grimm Universe. The Grimm Universe, an interconnected series of stories made up of the company's flagship title Grimm Fairy Tales and its spinoffs such as Robyn Hood and Van Helsing, will no longer be released as miniseries. Rather, Zenescope will focus on releasing unnumbered, oversized quarterlies and annuals featured standalone stories.

Belle promotional graphic. Zenescope Entertainment.
Belle promotional graphic. Zenescope Entertainment.

Joe Brusha, Zenescope's President and, along with Ralph Tedesco, one of the creators who takes part in plotting nearly every comic that the company publishes, spoke on this upcoming shift to their slate. Brusha said:

"We will continue to publish a limited number of mini-series each year, but those will be stories that fall outside of our shared universe. There's been a major shift in the way all entertainment is being consumed. People want access to a full story all at once rather than having to wait five or six months to complete an arc. Most of our books will fill that need. We also feel it's important to publish books that new readers can jump into at any point without worrying too much about past storylines. We're designing our Grimm Universe books to be new reader friendly while also appeasing the longtime fans who've been following our characters for years."

This official announcement comes on the heels of an exclusive interview that Bleeding Cool conducted with Tedesco and editor/current writer of Belle and Grimm Fairy Tales Dave Franchini, where the two commented on this upcoming change. Late 2020 releases, such as the Grimm Tales of Terror Quarterly: Halloween 2020 Special, have given readers an early glance into how this format will work for the company.

Zenescope followed up this change in their slate with information on their retailer program. Kicking off in January 2021, the company's offerings will be made returnable for certain retailers. These retailers who qualify for the publishers Gold, Silver, and Platinum program will also be offered what Zenescope describes as "deeper discounters" in their effort to "work hand-in-hand with brick and mortar comic book shops."

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