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SDCC '15: John Carter Comes To Tabletop Gaming

By Christopher Helton Coming out of the Edgar Rice Burroughs panel at San Diego Comic-Con came the announcement that the John Carter property was being licensed for tabletop gaming. Modiphius Entertainment (licensee of Gerry Anderson's The Thunderbirds for board roleplaying games, Robert E. Howard's Conan for roleplaying, the DUST Adventures roleplaying game) will aggressively produce various tabletop games using the characters and settings […]

The Very Legal John Carter Comic From Marvel

This is what a legally uncontested John Carter Of Mars comic book looks like, by Sam Humphries and Ramon Perez Marvel make this very clear "This new series, in collaboration with the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate, is an all-new graphic fiction adaptation of the legendary John Carter novels AND considered part of the official canon[...]

Bleeding Cool Readers, John Carter. John Carter, Bleeding Cool Readers

How much can Disney teach you about Edgar Rice Burrough's John Carter of Mars in just under a minute and a half? This featurette is being framed as "An Introduction to John Carter."A few nice snippets in there I particularly liked Thomas Haden Church as Tal Hajus, the Jeddak of Thark - which is, effectively,[...]

An Extra Life On… John Carter Of Mars

had written and taped onto the end of a flimsy plastic bench that was filled with Extras, waiting to go into Hair & Make-Up for our next major film, John Carter of Mars Bleary-eyed and no doubt muttering something about the declining state of the English language, I fumbled a biro from my bag and[...]

The First Trailer For John Carter

You won't have to make do with my pathetic attempts at description any longer, because here's the first trailer for Andrew Stanton's John Carter to watch for yourself.[youtube][/youtube]Looks like cinematographer Daniel Mindel may have finally earned a black belt after years of nearly-but-not-quites.There have been several attempts to bring John Carter of Mars to the[...]

Official Poster For Pixar's Brave (And What's This About John Carter Of Mars?)

Everything I said earlier still stands, we've just now got a nice, high quality version of the poster direct from Disney.The attached press information credits Brave director Mark Andrews as being a writer on John Carter of Mars Not just John Carter All change again? Makes sense of the M-glyph, anyway.I'll ask Disney in the[...]

John Carter Concept Art And "Special Event" Chat

John Carter, sometimes of Mars, will make his debut voyage to our cinemas next March. With some serious pedigree behind the picture – Wall-E's Andrew Stanton and Kavalier and Clay's Michael Chabon took up the megaphone and quill respectively, and the source novels were by Edgar Rice Burroughs – there's already a lot of reasons […]

First John Carter Poster Has An M For Mars

If they're just going to call the film John Carter now, and not John Carter of Mars, then what's the M glyph about?Andrew Stanton has made his live action directorial debut with this film (unless you count the inserts in Wall-E, which I'm not) Michael Chabon contributed to the scripting process I really couldn't be[...]