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Stephen King Adaptation Cell Adds The Hunger Games' Isabelle Fuhrman

She beat up Jennifer Lawrence pretty good in The Hunger Games and was terrifying in Orphan, so Isabelle Fuhrman is probably ready to take on a zombie apocalypse dreamed up by Stephen King.Deadline reports Fuhrman has taken the female lead role of Alice in Cell, which already has John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson in[...]

Trailer For Elijah Wood's Bizarre Classical Music Themed Thriller Grand Piano

“Play one wrong note and you die.” What is this, a not-so-satirical take on what it's like to have Asian parents? I know I'm not alone here.[youtube][/youtube]Eugenio Mira's outlandish story, also starring John Cusack and Kerry Bishe, can be experienced for yourself on iTunes/On Demand Jan 30, 2014 and in theaters March 7, 2014.[...]

Samuel L. Jackson Joining John Cusack In Movie Of Stephen King's Cell

And unfortunately, the casting of John Cusack and now Samuel L Jackson can only go so far to spike my apathy We've all seen them both be perfectly fine in plenty of mediocre films by now, not to mention the odd awful one.According to Deadline, Jackson is attached to play:Tom McCourt, an engineer and former[...]

Casting Roundup: Damon Goes Interstellar, Giamatti Heads For The Small Screen

[Screen Daily]• UK thriller Kickback has attached Tom Sizemore and Sean Young along with John Cusack, Mischa Barton and Sean Astin So.. yeah This one - about a Russian detective investigating a young war journalist's murder - seems like it has an uphill battle ahead of it [Screen Daily]• Paul Giamatti is the latest movie[...]

John Cusack And Thomas Jane Drive Hard In Brian Trenchard-Smith's Latest

He made some truly wonderful action films in the seventies and eighties, films such as Stunt Rock and The Man From Hong Kong, and his latest film looks set to feature a great deal of automotive action.Starring John Cusack and Thomas Jane, the film began shooting on the 4th of June and wrapped on the[...]

Hot Tub Time Machine Sequel Getting Plugged In, John Cusack Not Involved

Though he may later decide to strip off and jump in, John Cusack is the only one of Hot Tub Time Machine's principles not yet negotiating to star in MGM's developing sequel I won't be expecting him.According to The Hollywood Reporter director Steve Pink is also engaging in the "exploratory talks."Perhaps the most interesting element is that Rob[...]

Airspace – It's Like Duel But With Planes, John Cusack And Roger Avary

According to Variety, John Cusack is going to star as: a work-absorbed charter pilot flying home to his family who must escape a sudden attack by a heavily armed MiG fighter jet after finding a mysterious briefcase in his plane. Sounds pretty high concept - exceptionally weak pun intended My guess is that the briefcase contains codes[...]

Stephen King Adapting Cell For Movie, John Cusack To Star

ScreenDaily are reporting that John Cusack will take the lead role, who in the novel is a comic book artist.Cusack previously played an author in the Stephen King adaptation 1408 "Filmmaker" must still be pending.Here's the official blurb for the book: Artist Clayton Riddell had been in Boston negotiating a successful deal to sell his comic[...]

John Cusack On The Politics Of Poe And Poetry, The Fascism Of 300 And Sequels

It's a murder mystery caper, verging on a modern slasher film, and features John Cusack as a fictional Edgar Allen Poe, getting all caught up in the police investigation of some perverse copycat murders borrowed from his fictions.I'm a great admirer of Cusack and many of his films, but The Raven is not the kind[...]

Win! A Poster For The Raven, Signed By John Cusack

I sat down with John Cusack last week to discuss his Edgar Allen Poe murder mystery, The Raven, and plenty more besides You'll be able to read some of what he told me later on today.Right now, though, you can win a poster for the film, signed by Mr Cusack Simply read and follow these italicised[...]

Amanda Seyfried And John Cusack To Star In Patrick Alessandrin's The Bullet?

Here's how they pitch it: Amanda Seyfried and John Cusack will star in the dark thriller about a man only known as "The Clockmaker" who devises the ultimate plot of revenge against a seemingly random group of people by manipulating them to kill one another. Seyfried's very hot right now, and Cusack's a handsome devil, so this[...]

Relativity Media Takes On John Cusack's The Raven

John Cusack is Poe while the cast also includes Luke Evans (Tamara Drewe), Kevin McNally (Pirates movies) and Pam Ferris (forever Ma Larkin).First images from the film* indicate that Cusack sports a goatee Clearly, The Raven will be alarming It could also be confusing Another film with the same title is set to be released[...]