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The 47 Comics Creators Thanked In The Suicide Squad - And Those Not
It is Suicide Squad co-creator John Ostrander who appears in The Suicide Squad, the third speaking role of the movie as Doctor Fitzgibbon But the James Gunn film has many DC Comics creators to thank, especially given just how many comic book characters, concepts, and ideas feature through the movie Given a massive forty-seven "Special[...]
Harley Quinn Against An Army And Other Top Suicide Squad Moments
This includes when they took on a super villain team called Jihad, the time Harley Quinn had to fight off an army to save her team mates and the twelve minutes to stop a riot in Belle Reve. The Suicide Squad has been one of the most interesting and unique comics from DC since it debuted[...]
John Ostrander And Tom Mandrake Turn To Kickstarter For Kros Graphic Novel
Kros: Hallowed Ground is a 128 page horror graphic novel by veteran comic book creators John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake. Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863. The blood soaked battlefields of the Civil War draw Vampires who descend to feed on the wounded and dying as Blood calls to Blood One man, a Vampire Hunter named Kros, stands against them, waging[...]
Marvel Declines To Answer Questions About Star Wars Royalties
Marvel Comics are to republish Dark Horse Star Wars comics in a new format, Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Empire Vol 1, those comics created to follow on from Episode III, Revenge Of The Sith. It will contain the Dark Horse titles, Star Wars: Republic #78-80, Star Wars: Purge #1, Star Wars: Purge — Seconds To[...]
The Others As A New DC Comic From John Ostrander?
We ran the news that John Ostrander has a new Aquaman Annual lined up for October. And now we have the rumour That DC will see how the Annual sells, and if it does well, they are considering a series starring Aquaman team The Others, written by John Ostrander. Apparently The Others was intended to have been[...]
John Ostrander Gets Another Bite Of The New 52 Aquaman
Legendary comic book writer John Ostrander helped out on Aquaman, writing issue 20 but somehow not getting his name on the cover. We hope he'll have better luck returning to the character in October for Aquaman Annual #1… AQUAMAN ANNUAL #1 Written by JOHN OSTRANDER Art by GERALDO BORGES and RUY JOSE Cover by PAUL PELLETIER and DANNY MIKI On sale OCTOBER[...]