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IDW Announces New Artist Editions Of The Maxx, Hellboy, Star Slammers, Romita Spider-Man, Marvel Covers And Basil Wolverton's Horizontal Weird Worlds UPDATE
(and see the end for an updated write-up of the panel). Recreations of the original art for Sam Kieth's Maxx… Mike Mignola's Hellboy… Walt Simonson's Star Slammers… Classic Marvel Covers, a very thick volume recreating the original cover art for Marvel in the sixties and seventies. More John Romita Spider-Man Artist Editions… Not only the Basil Wolverton Weird Worlds Artist Edition[...]
Even More From The Roy Lichtenstein Reappropriators
Tomorrow, Orbital Comics in London premiere the Image Duplicator exhibition in which a number of artists reappropriate the works that Roy Lichtenstein reappropriated in his own work, currently on exhibition at the Tate Modern over the river. The launch party is tomorrow evening, I hope to see you there. You can check out two previous lots here[...]
Steve Cook Recreates The Black Widow
Steve Cook, designer of a number of logos seen at the top of your favourite comics, is also a photographer and photo manipulator. He gave us a wonderful
IDW To Publish John Romita Spider-Man Artist's Edition
144 pages of John Romita Amazing Spider-Man art, just like the actual boards… for a hundred bucks Start building bigger shelves. Scot Dunbier's originated format for IDW, the Artist's Edition, reproducing the original artwork for comic books, has taken another victim 144 pages of John Romita Amazing Spider-Man art, just like the actual boards… for[...]
The John Romita Deposition For The Kirby Family Vs Marvel Lawsuit
UPDATE: The files below are from the submitted documents by Marvel to the judge in the continuing lawsuit, and are intended to reflect Marvel's case. John Romita is a legendary comic book artist who is most closely associated with his work on Spider-Man beginning in 1966, but he has had a wide-ranging career which began in[...]
Iconic Spider-Man #50 Splash Page by Romita Sells for Record $88,500
 The splash page of this pivotal moment from the classic 1967 tale written by Stan Lee and drawn by John Romita for Spider-Man #50, an issue famously titled "Spider-Man No More!" sold at auction on December 17 for $88,500. For an interior page of American comic book art, this would appear to be a record for[...]