Iconic Spider-Man #50 Splash Page by Romita Sells for Record $88,500

It is considered one of the defining moments of the Marvel Universe: a dejected Peter Parker throwing his costume in the trash, attempting to leave his life as Spider-Man behind.  The splash page of this pivotal moment from the classic 1967 tale written by Stan Lee and drawn by John Romita for Spider-Man #50, an issue famously titled "Spider-Man No More!" sold at auction on December 17 for $88,500.

For an interior page of American comic book art, this would appear to be a record for a public, all-cash sale.  Rumors of private sales and trade deals muddy up the waters on the record books in this area considerably, but for now, I think the person who bought this piece at the Profiles in History auction on Friday has the bragging rights.

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