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Ohio Is For Sale, But The Comic Is Free
Cartoonist Jon Allen has been producing the online comic, Ohio is For Sale, since 2012, and it's now entering its 7th chapter, all posted online, but also available in chapter-based high-end mini comics at indie comic shows, particularly on the East Coast Recently he launched chapters 5 and 6 at Small Press Expo, and is[...]
Hang Dai Studios Announces MoCCA Fest Anthology Debut – Plus Preview
It's a good sign for MoCCA Fest as a whole when such strong indie works choose the show as their debut focus. Hang Dai Studios have kindly provided Bleeding Cool with an advanced look at the comics included in the anthology, along with a one panel preview for each: Lonesome Bravato, by  Christa Cassano Schmuck: Raising the Bar,[...]