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Baseball and Baseball Glove -- David Lee/
Good thing he has Josh Donaldson and Justin Smoak straight mashing right now Justin is leading the American League in RBI's so far, and Josh is up to his old tricks as well Looks like his dead arm might be feeling better. Bring the rain, then flash the leather! That's JD for you — Toronto[...]
MLB 2018: Yankees and Red Sox Will Rule the AL East-Will Both Make The Playoffs?
Happ and Josh Donaldson will keep them afloat, although the latter's impending free agency may prove to be a distraction. Tampa Bay lost two of its biggest offensive weapons this offseason, trading franchise player Evan Longoria to the Giants and letting Logan Morrison go in free agency to the Twins They also said goodbye to Corey[...]
Casey At The Bat – Stephen Amell Hits It Out Of The Park
But the other thing he seems focused on is a campaign to get Toronto Blue Jays player Josh Donaldson voted as the 3rd base starter for the American League All-Star team Amell has tapped into his considerable fan base and asked them to vote for Donaldson At the time the two men had never met each[...]