Watch NASAs InSight Land on Mars Starting at 11am PST

Watch NASA's InSight Land on Mars Starting at 11am PST

We love NASA, we love space, we love JPL and all those wonderful men and women who are working towards exploration and understanding our universe.Here's what you need to know about NASA InSight ahead of the landing which should begin via the JPL livefeed around 11am PST: In mere hours, NASA's InSight spacecraft will complete its[...]

Jack Parsons Series Strange Angel Gets Release Date at CBS All Access

Jack Parsons Series 'Strange Angel' Gets Release Date at CBS All Access

He was one of the primary founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and pioneered the advancement of both liquid-fuel and solid-fuel rockets, successfully creating the first castable, composite rocket propellant.Also, he was a Thelemite, a follower of famed occultist Aleister Crowley's notions of sex, magic, and self-actualization.There was even a Drunk History episode about Parsons:Parsons was also (briefly) a Marxist before falling[...]

SDCC 15: Need a Tow Who You Gonna Call in Outer Space JPL Engineers Talk Shop

SDCC '15: Need a Tow? Who You Gonna Call in Outer Space? JPL Engineers Talk Shop

I came across “No Tow Trucks Beyond Mars” and with a title like that I knew it was the panel for me.Moderator David Rosing introduced himself as a JPL 37 year veteran As a System and Opto-Mechanical Engineer, he has worked on several projects that included Galileo, Magellan, IRAS, and Mars aircraft and instruments Shonte[...]