judah lewis

Babysitter Review: Campy Fun, Just Don't Think Too Much

Cole (Judah Lewis) is a huge dork and a worrier He gets picked on constantly, and he only has two friends: the girl across the street (Emily Alyn Lind) and his babysitter Bee Samara Weaving actually does a phenomenal job in this At least in the first half When Cole's parents go away for the[...]

Demolition Reveals Hollow Foundations Despite Strong Fixtures — A Review

Enchanted with glam rock and rebelling against the provincial attitudes of the town, Judah Lewis brings a wonderful sense of life to the character as his own self-discovery takes center stage when he and Gyllenhaal prepare to dismantle the latter's home."We're taking apart my marriage," he explains to the boy, but curiously, that never quite seems[...]