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Judas Priest
Z2 Comics and Judas Priest are creating a new graphic novel, Screaming For Vengeance Described as an original sci-fi epic based on the band's highest-selling album which is coming up for its 40th anniversary, from writers Rantz Hoseley and Neil Kleid, and artist Christopher Mitten It will also be released for San Diego Comic-Con 2022[...]
Daniel Warren Johnson Homages Judas Priest for Murder Falcon #1 Heavy Metal Variant
Though Image promises a "variety of brutally talented artists" will contribute variants for future issues, it's Johnson himself who drew the cover for issue #1 homaging the cover to Judas Priest's Painkiller As far as Judas Priest albums go, we'd have chosen an earlier one ourselves, but for Johnson, it's one of his faves. MURDER FALCON[...]