Judgement Day

Someone Created Terminator 2 Using GTAV

Someone Created 'Terminator 2' Using 'GTAV'

Which is why we're stoked to see the film Terminator 2: Judgement Day brought to life in Grand Theft Auto V! Kramer’s Media has almost shot-for-shot recreated the entire film, albeit with a Russian dub of the film and some scenes missing because they probably were just impossible to create But if you're a Terminator fan, you've[...]

Booze Geek &#8211 Judgement Day And Uncanny X-Force

Booze Geek – Judgement Day And Uncanny X-Force

By Dylan GonzalezBeer: Judgement DayBrewery: The Lost AbbeyAshes cloud the sky.  The cloven hooves of horses fill the air.  Screams of the fallen ring out.  Judgement Day has befallen us.  Luckily, none of that happened when I tried out The Lost Abbey’s beer, a Belgian triple brewed with raisins.Judgement Day was a very dark brown,[...]