'The Masked Singer' – Our Season 2 Wishlist: Costumes, Celebrity Contestants and Guest Judges

FOX's enigmatically alluring guilty pleasure The Masked Singer has been an instant hit. Viewers tune-in and find themselves overly invested in a ridiculously entertaining and addictive guessing game. Over-the-top flashy costumes conceal the identities of singing celebrities who drop misleading clues and reveal increasingly telling secrets each week. Bleeding Cool is not ashamed to admit […]

Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston Joins Showtime Legal Thriller 'Your Honor'

Looks like no matter which side of the law the characters Bryan Cranston plays fall on, they always seem to end up "breaking bad" – and that track record doesn't appear to be ending any time soon with his new Showtime drama Your Honor. Based on Israeli drama Kvodo and stemming from Peter Moffat (Criminal Justice) and Robert […]