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K/DA Will Be Appearing In Just Dance 2021 With A New Track
We got a new interesting crossover this morning from Riot Games and Ubisoft as K/DA has invaded the spotlight of Just Dance 2021 This is one of those events where you hear people kinda talk about them and be like "Yeah, that would be cool, but it'll probably never happen." And then it happens and[...]
Just Dance 2021 Will Be Coming To Both Next-Gen Consoles
This morning, Ubisoft officially confirmed they will be launching Just Dance 2021 on both the Xbox Series X and the PS5 The company has slowly been revealing how games will be coming out on consoles over the next few months as gamers prepare to jump from one to the next or stick with what they[...]
Just Dance 2021 Reveals Nine More Tracks For The Game
During today's UbiForward livestream, Ubisoft revealed nine more songs on the way for Just Dance 2021 in November The series has become so popular with a hardcore fanbase constantly buying it, that the song reveals have nearly become an event themselves as people get to find out what they'll be jamming to next This time[...]
Nintendo Direct Main Logo
Including some anticipated titles like Just Dance 2021, World Of Tanks Blitz, Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend, and Fuser However, as Grubb himself pointed out, there were zero Nintendo first-party titles in the mix So there may be a second one on the way either this week or within the next month In the[...]