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Justice League Odyssey #19 Keeps Rewriting the Timeline Too Spoilers
But maybe it's more that just the machinations of Manhattan that got it that way? Because today's Justice League Odyssey #19 has Epoch The Lord of Time, making big plans for everyone and everything. Rewriting the history of the DC Universe… and getting rid of its biggest threats Hey, didn't Perpetua create the DC Multiverse? Are[...]
Justice League Odyssey #19 [Preview]
Justice League Odyssey #19 is in stores from DC Comics this week, as the titular team prepares for showdown with Darkseid's New New Gods. And these New New Gods are far more dangerous than the Old New Gods because the New New Gods have a Starfire. Luckily, the Justice League have a secret weapon of their own:[...]
Justice League Odyssey #12 [Preview]
Justice League Odyssey #12 hits stores next week from DC Comics, by Dan Abnett and Will Conrad And over the next few days, DC Comics will provide EX-X-XCLUSIVE previews of Justice League Odyssey and all their other comics to compliant media partner websites Bleeding Cool, unfortunately, is neither compliant nor a partner Some might argue we're[...]
Darkseid's Identity Politics in Justice League Odyssey #8
Justice League Odyssey #8 hits stores next week, we find the titular league on the surface of Aeolon, where they have captured the super-villain Darkseid And the heroes of the DC Universe have a lot of preconceived notions about who Darkseid is, what his motives are, and whether he can ever be trusted Which is[...]