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In January 2018, all four of the ongoing series will be part of a four-part crossover event. Marking the conclusion of the first phase of the imprint and send each title in new directions, it will start with the Doom Patrol Special, which features the Justice League of America and will be co-written by Way and[...]
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] With no impending threat garnering the attention of the Justice League of America, the team is available for a mission from resident Atom, Ryan Choi He has located the signal of mentor and previous Atom, Ray Palmer, in the Microverse — the subatomic universe that exists within ours. Not wanting to devote the entire team[...]
Justice League of America
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Justice League of America #10 is probably more important than people realise Not because it contains the next step in the Rebirth mystery, or because ties into summer event Dark Nights: Metal, or because it has a major character death or resurrection No, JLA #10 is important because it tells a story that reflects[...]
Bleeding Cool Celebrates LGBTQ Creators For Pride Month
The popularity meant the series got a brief reprise with Midnighter & Apollo, and now Orlando is writing Justice League of America. Orlando is getting to tackle one of DC's biggest properties, and is using it to include one of the most diverse line-ups the team has had He's also shown a wonderful sense of a[...]
Justice League Of America #7 Review: Killer Frost's Redemption
She's never been a true bad guy, and in this JLA story line, it's clear she's trying to become a better person. In Justice League of America #7, Killer Frost and The Atom are looking for a way to cure her of her heat sickness, when suddenly they're ambushed by Terrorsmith Frost steps up to the[...]
Barzinga Episode 2: Batbeer!
Hall (opt Jennifer Carpenter & James Remar), CAGE! #1 with Mike Coulter, Uncanny Avengers #8 & Unstoppable Wasp #1 with Evangeline Lilly, some Stranger Things with Millie Bobby Brown (opt extra kids, and Winona Ryder), and more: There's a special Tatiana Maslany Orphan Black (various issues / covers) opportunity: January's thread (check for availability) had Justice League VS[...]
A Ray of Light – Justice League of America Rebirth: The Ray Review
It's the return of a classic character I've always been a bit of a fan of, it's a gay male leading title and set-up for a new gay male member of the Justice League of America, one of the oldest and biggest, most well-known superhero teams of all time, and it is coming at a[...]
NYCC '15: My Favorite Comic Vendor Today
And at that time all I wanted was real copies of JUSTICE LEAGUE of AMERICA 21 and 22 They were ten years old at the time and I was only a couple of years older but the closest I'd ever got to possessing those two comic gems was in my dreams Somehow, discovering that brilliant,[...]
Bryan Hitch Breaks Down Justice League Of America #1
With this summer's release of Justice League of America #1, it put DC's most powerful heroes into the hands of artist Bryan Hitch Now, the former Authority artist has sat down for DC All-Access and has done a sort of Director's commentary of the issue… explaining why the gatefold cover, how he had already drawn[...]
Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – Bryan Hitch's JLA Beats Old Man Logan
We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion. And at number one, beating out all the Secret Wars-y titles, it;s the launch of Bryan Hitch's Justice League Of America. Do also note an impressive performances for Mad Max… 1 Justice League Of America #1 2 Old Man Logan #2 3 Thors #1 4 Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #2 5[...]
The State Of Superman's Secret Identity In Doomed And JLA, Today
Good job that Doomed writer Scott Lobdell (second from the right) didn't get the apartment share…   Superman is still all protected up in Bryan Hitch's Justice League Of America #1 also out today which goes toe to toe with last week's Justice League #41 from Johns and Fabok. But the story kinda hinges on certain characters who[...]
In One Week, In Two Weeks – We're All Doomed
On Wednesday, the launch of Plants Vs Zombies, Black Canary, Doomed, Harley Quinn & Power Girl, Dr Fate, Justice League Of America, Prez, Martian Manhunter, Robin Son Of Batman, TMNT Casey & April, Astronauts In Trouble, Empty Zone, Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill, Runaways, Squadron Sinister, Thors, Princeless: Be Yourself, Fathom Blue, Fiction and[...]
Strange Fruit And JLA Cover The April 2015 Previews
The new Boom! series Strange Fruit by JG Jones and Mark Waid takes the front of next week's Previews catalogue from Diamond Comic Distributors… while Bryan Hitch's Justice League Of America takes the back. The Customer Order Form booklet also features a Boom! book, The Fiction by Curt Pires and David Rubin. While Marvel's Previews order form?[...]