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Dark Heart of Jason Voorhees Documentary Poster

'Jason Goes to Hell' Documentary Teases Details with New Poster Art

Jason Goes to Hell, the ninth film in the Friday the 13th series starring everyone's favorite slasher behemoth Jason Voorhees, is… well, it is not very good. As a fan of the series, I can admire what they tried to do with that film, while also saying that it is the worst in the series. […]

Victor Crowley still

Victor Crowley Roadshow Initial Dates Announced All Through October

I think a lot of that can be attributed to the film starring fan-favorite Kane Hodder in the role of Victor Crowley, but I may be wrong about that Also — whenever I read his name I sing it to the tune of 'Mr Crowley' by Ozzy Osbourne I can't be the only one who does[...]

'Victor Crowley': The 'Hatchet' Sequel You Didn't Know About (TRAILER)

Victor Crowley is the fourth installment in the horror franchise, a sequel/reboot that brings Crowley (Kane Hodder) back to the swamps to up his body count scorecard with those who should've used some basic common sense and never went into the swamps in the first place.Notice I used "is the fourth installment" and not "will[...]

The Halloween Deleted Scene That Wasn't – Driving Lessons

well Halloween, of course.And there we go: Kane Hodder as Michael Myers, at last.Green is the obvious candidate to get the Halloween series back on track, and I'm sure he'd bring Hodder with him There were some rumours about him talking to Dimension films about this - talks that came apart when Bob Weinstein demanded that the[...]

Hatchet 2 Trailer Earns Its Red Band

The gore isn't the entire point of Hatchet 2 (there's also some light scares, a few boobs, plenty of jokes and even a bit of story and character) but it might as well be the whole advertising campaign. The gore is the one thing all Hatchet fans will want, I'm pretty sure. It's what defines […]