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During Monday night's edition of the Bachelor, the network revealed that Claudia Conway, the embattled 16-year-old daughter of #NeverTrump Republican strategist George Conway and former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway The long-running singing competition is set to return on February 14, with host/producer Ryan Seacrest set to return alongside judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and[...]
They'd already pushed the limits with the Kellyanne Conway / Jake Tapper Fatal Instinct  parody last season, but now they're tapping into the recent Stephen King reboot It and having "Kellywise" go after poor Anderson Cooper Alex Moffat plays Cooper while Kate McKinnon pulls off both the roles of Kellyanne and Hillary Rodham Clinton. If you[...]
Kellyanne Conway On Batman's Proposal To Catwoman: "At Last. Hope For All."
Former Donald Trump campaign manager, current White House advisor, and sometime Supergirl cosplayer Kellyanne Conway took to Twitter last week to respond to the events of Batman #24: Conway had the events of the comic spoiled for her by a mainstream website, as did many fans last week But Conway took the spoiling in stride, retweeting[...]
Agents Of SHIELD Writers Takes A Few More Shots At Trump
The phrase, "alternative facts" was made popular by Trump's counselor Kellyanne Conway on January 22nd, 2017 when she was being interviewed by Chuck Todd Conway was asked about how White House Spokesman Sean Spicer can be telling the American people information about the inauguration that is provably untrue Conway said that Spicer was: "presenting alternative facts."[...]
CNN's Jake Tapper Responds To Last Night's SNL Skit
But the scene that may have been the most outlandish and disturbing was a horror spoof with Beck Bennett as CNN's Jake Tapper and Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway Tapper (an admitted comic reader) and Conway have had a few epic clashes on air but last week Tapper's show, State of the Union, declined an[...]