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Joshua Dysart Wants Valiant To Contact Him About Harbinger Royalties
So when Joshua Dysart and Khari Evans rebooted the teenage psychic superhero team Harbinger for Valiant Entertainment, and when in 2015 Sony took out options on Bloodshot and Harbinger, Dysart tells us he received two cheques over two years totaling approximately $20,000 Which isn't bad for purely reviving a pre-existing property. Harbinger by Joshua Dysart and[...]
Bloodshot Takes A Day Off
Writen by Eliot Rahal and drawn by Khari Evans, the new story is meant to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the character and features the Bloodshot Squad that was introduced in the Bloodshot Island storyline The one-shot features Tank Man and Viet Man as they try to adjust back to civilian life. For the first time[...]
Ninjak Time Jumps For Team Up With Eternal Warrior
The new story from Matt Kindt and Khari Evans features Ninjak teaming up with the Eternal Warrior in an arc called The Fist & The Steel… but it takes place in the future with a much older Colin King Gilad Anni-Padda tracks down the former MI-6 operative to help hunt one of Ninjak's old foes,[...]
Khari Evans And Andres Guinaldo Join Ninjak With The Fist & The Steel
Joining him will be Harbinger artist Khari Evans and Justice League Dark artist Andres Guinaldo The new arc attempts to bridge the present and the future as the super-spy begins to explore the world glimpsed in the Book of Death: the Fall of Ninjak and explaining how the team of of the Eternal Warrior and Ninjak,[...]
There Are No Bad Guys In Imperium
It's a comic where everyone is willing to fight to the death because they are certain they are right. Here is the solicitations and preview for Imperium #16. IMPERIUM #16 Written by Joshua Dysart Art by Khari Evans Covers by Clayton Henry, Deigo Bernard and Zach Montoya "STORMBREAK" explodes! Toyo Harada has gone to war to save his vision of world peace[...]
Livewire Charges into "Stormbreak" for Imperium #13
Imperium #13 kicks off an all new story arc called Stormbreak by Joshua Dysart and Khari Evans The new arc starts when the Valiant Universe comes raging to the doorstep of Toyo Harada's utopia…with Livewire and H.A.R.D Corps leading the charge to unseat the world's most powerful superhuman. Toyo Harada will save the world…if he doesn't doom[...]
Khari Evans Reunites With Joshua Dysart For Stormbreak
Artist Khari Evans will be re-teaming with writer Joshua Dysart for a new 4-part Imperium story called Stormbreak The new arc starting in Imperium #13 brings back together the team that was behind Harbinger and creates a new jumping-on point for the series. Toyo Harada's war for utopia is about to come to a brutal boiling[...]
Aspen Comics Celebrates Black History Month With Website And Social Media Campaign
Put together by Fathom: Sourcebook writer Tabu, there will be a showcases from Koi Turnbull, Khary Randolph, Talent Caldwell, Emilio Lopez, Hannibal Tabu, Eric Battle, Rob Stull, Larry Welch, Saleem Crawford, Keron Grant, Marla Johnson, and Khari Evans. Tabu spoke about the project by saying: I have to give it up to my editors, Andrea Shea and[...]
Double Shot Preview – Harbinger #25 and Unity #9
Tiwary, Justin Jordan, Dan Goldman, and Lucy Knisley Art by Khari Evans with Lewis LaRosa, Rafer Roberts, Clayton Henry, Barry Kitson, and Lucy Knisley Covers by: Mico Suayan, Jenny Frison, Lucy Knisley, Sean Chen and Barry Kitson Toyo Harada's last stand! The future of Harbinger starts here with a star-studded, 48-page anniversary milestone – packed with brand[...]
Double Shot Of Previews – Unity # 8 And Harbingers #24
Matt Kindt and Stephen Segovia continue the Armor Hunters storyline in Unity #8 and then Joshua Dysart and Khari Evans deal with the fall out of Death Of A Renegade in Harbinger #24. UNITY #8 (ARMOR HUNTERS) Written by Matt Kindt Art by Stephen Segovia Covers By Mico Suayan, Clayton Crain and Trevor Hairsine ARMOR HUNTERS descends on Valiant's[...]
One Of The Renegades Is Dead – An Early Look At Harbinger #24
We've got an advance preview of Harbinger #24 – the penultimate chapter of "Death of a Renegade" from writer Joshua Dysart (Harbinger Wars) and Harvey Award-nominated artist Khari Evans (Immortal Iron Fist) In what Valiant is calling the most important Harbinger story ever told, one of the Renegades is dead…but the battle is far from[...]
Advanced Look At Harbinger: Bleeding Monk #0
But now, for the first time, the mysterious monk who bleeds but does not die will reveal the truth of how he came to be, and, with it, the first of many secret revelations to come… Harbinger: Bleeding Monk #0 – Written by Joshua Dysart Art by Mico Suayan, Khari Evans, Stephen Segovia, and Lewis Larosa Cover by Clayton[...]
Advanced Preview of Harbinger #20 And Archer & Armstrong #17
We've got two more preview for you today from our fine friends at Valiant. First up is Archer & Armstrong #17 by Fred Van Lente and Khari Evans. The SECT CIVIL WAR reaches its earth-shattering climax! (…and for once we mean that literally)! ARCHER versus ARMSTRONG! An incredible second identity for MARY-MARIA! Obadiah Archer gets a bold new[...]
The Sect Civil War: The Future For Archer And Armstrong Lies In The Past
This October, Fred Van Lente and Khari Evans are going to show us the secret origin of the  Sect Civil War The war has been brewing for centuries as the different factions with in the Sect have worked together to covertly control the human race, but the tension has risen to catastrophic levels and Archer[...]