There Are No Bad Guys In Imperium

I've known Joshua Dysart for years. I was set up at the San Diego Comicon with this upstart company called Crossgen to our side and Hurricane Comics across from us. Hurricane would make a deal that weekend that would bring their title Violent Messiahs to Image Comics. Josh along with artist Tone Rodriguez hit the comic world hard. Josh went on to write for many companies including his most acclaimed books being Swamp Thing and Unknown Soldier for Vertigo.

If you ever get a chance to talk to Josh, he quick-witted and full of boyish charm. He also has an understanding of the political and geopolitical world like few others. He hooked up with Valiant Entertainment when they first relaunched years ago and took control of Harbinger. That led into Imperium, the perfect blend of writer and concept. Josh tells the story of Toyo Harada who is trying to save the world, whether the world wants to be saved or not.

On Wednesday, issue #16 hits the shops and we get a look at not only Harada's master plan and how he's always ten steps ahead of his opponents, but also see the destruction of his closest relationship. He must fight against his former protege, Livewire. This battle is personal for them both, and Dysart brings that across well. Never tipping his hat on which one he feels is the bad guy. But that's the whole point of Imperium. It's a comic where everyone is willing to fight to the death because they are certain they are right.

Here is the solicitations and preview for Imperium #16.

Written by Joshua Dysart Art by Khari Evans Covers by Clayton Henry, Deigo Bernard and Zach Montoya

"STORMBREAK" explodes! Toyo Harada has gone to war to save his vision of world peace from the twin threats of his former protégé Livewire and Major Charlie Palmer's H.A.R.D. Corps! Amid the chaos, the tables have turned…and now, members of Harada's own team are angling to knife each other in the back! When the villains trying to save humanity fight their noblest instincts and the heroes who are trying to stop them struggle against their own demons…can anybody win? And, now, even as the walls of Harada's IMPERIUM begin to the fall, the seeds of his biggest strike yet are already being sown…


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