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Kieron Dwyer has three upcoming books from Image Comics, his collection of Trump-related stripes Unpresidented, a hardcover reprint of Last of the Independents graphic novel written by Matt Fraction and the third is a trade collection of my adult humour series LCD Lowest Comic Denominator. Dwyer has also stated that he is donating all his[...]
Kieron Dywer, Political Cartoonist
Kieron Dwyer is no stranger to controversy The former Avengers and Captain America artist once go into it with Starbucks over a parody cover for his indie comic LCD Dwyer did a version of the Mermaid logo with the words 'Consumer Whore' and dollar signs on her crown This was back in 1999 / 2000[...]
Kieron Dwyer Returns To Comics With West Portal
Kieron Dwyer and Todd Rinker write for Bleeding Cool: West Portal is a new project from comics fan favorite Kieron Dwyer and writer/letterer Todd Rinker After several years working outside of comics, Dwyer is preparing to launch a new ongoing monthly series about a man named Dexter Allen, whose adventures in alternate realms based in popular fantasy[...]
UCP Inks Deal With Warren Ellis & Gale Ann Hurd Also Adds Night Mary And Five Ghosts
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Universal Cable Productions is expanding it's genre portfolio by inking three new deals. First up, writer Warren Ellis (Red) is going to develop his first TV series with producer Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead) under her studio-based Valhalla Entertainment banner. "I've been strongly drawn to television over the last few years, and[...]
IDW's Comics-To-Films Sneaking Out…
Digital production company Animal Logic have picked up the rights to Night Mary by Rick Remender and Kieron Dwyer also from IDW. The comic sees a teenager who can enter the dreams of her father's patients at a sleep disorder clinic, until she encounters a serial killer there Animal Logic may be familiar from their work[...]