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Iron Harvest Complete Edition Is Coming To Consoles In October
King Art Games have announced today that they will be releasing Iron Harvest Complete Edition for PS5 and Xbox Series X This specific version is pretty much what you would suspect it to be, as it contains the previously released Rusviet Revolution and Operation Eagle DLC add-ons to make it a complete content package (so[...]
Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle Will Introduce The Yanks
Deep Silver and KING Art Games are adding the Americans to the mix with the popular PC take on the board game of the same name Specifically, the American Union of Usonia, which is a not-so-noble version of the western armies in this version of the world They may wave a flag of red, white,[...]
Black Mirror game
Credit// THQ Nordic THQ Nordic announced Black Mirror the video game during gamescom this year, and the gothic horror adventure by KING Art Games will be released on November 28th for PC/Mac/Linux, PS4, and Xbox One Now, the game doesn't have much to do with Black Mirror the TV show, but both do have a suitably creepy vibe[...]
THQ Reveal Their Latest Game Before Gamescon: 'Black Mirror'
Now THQ Nordic along with KING Art Games currently have the rights to the series and have decided to reimagine the gothic series for a new audience Below are some quotes from this morning's press release along with the trailer for the game, which we're probably going to see more of either at Gamescon or[...]