King: The Phantom

Can The Phantom Fight What He Can't Punch?

Nancy Collins, writer of Swords of Sorrow: Vampirella/Jennifer Blood #3, talks with writer Brian Clevinger about KING: The Phantom #4, both on sale now. Cover art by Jonathan Lau. NANCY COLLINS: You're obviously taking The Phantom into new territory. What inspired you to change the focus from jungle action-adventure to international espionage? BRIAN CLEVINGER: My […]

King: The Phantom Process Art By Brent Schoonover

We've got a look at the process art for the second issue of Dynamite's miniseries King: The Phantom. The series is written by Brian Clevinger and drawn by Brent Schoonover with colors by Robt Snyder and Aikau Olivaand. The series ties into the other King Features character series. For more on King: The Phantom #2, click […]

Ron Salas Covers The Phantom For Dynamite

This week in comic shops we get Dynamite's next issue in the King Features crossover, King: The Phantom #1. Now this issue has the Darwyn Cooke cover as do the others and it has a Rob LIefeld cover, but this one also has a very cool looking Ron Salas cover which we have here both colored […]

First Look Inside King: The Phantom #1

Here we have some interior pages from the upcoming King Features Crossover series from Dynamite, King: The Phantom. The book is being written by Brian Clevinger and drawn by Brett Schoonover with a first issue cover by Darwyn Cooke and Rob Liefeld. For more on King: The Phantom #1, click here.