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Nintendo and HAL Labs Celebrate Kirby Star Allies Anniversary
Nintendo and HAL Labs are celebrating the one-year anniversary of Kirby Star Allies by calling for fanart as well as displaying some of their own You can see some of the artwork by looking up the hashtag #KirbyStarAllies on Twitter, and we have a translated message from game director Shinya Kumazaki that was posted on[...]
Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn Receives a 3DS Launch Trailer
Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn was released on the Nintendo 3DS today, and with it, the company decided to release a launch trailer for the game Much like the game itself, this is an extra long trailer as the company goes through all of the additions and changes to the game so you know exactly what's[...]
Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn Receives a New 3DS Trailer
Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn is on the way next month, but before that, Nintendo would like to show off some new 3DS features for the game The company released a new trailer in Japan which features all of the new stuff they added to the game utilizing the 3DS mechanics they could take advantage of[...]
We Find Out Why Kirby Survives in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
There's a lot of people who were curious as to why Kirby was the lone survivor and default hero for Super Smash Bros Ultimate after the massive trailer reveal last month As much as a Kirby fan I am, even I'm curious why Nintendo chose the pink marshmellow over the traditional lead of Mario for this[...]
Kirby Star Allies
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Kirby is one of my favorite creations from Nintendo, if for anything the fact that his design was a placeholder until it was decided he was too good to be replaced, making him one of Nintendo's best happy accidents Over the years he's gained a cult following of bubblegum-chewing marshmallow-loving gamers who love the[...]
LOL April Fools
Access to new in-game equipment is regulated almost entirely through Loot Boxes, but in Cuisine Royale they are not only free with their content known in advance, but also come with a 100% guaranteed drop chance on the labelled content." And Nintendo decided to celebrate with the 25th anniversary of the best Kirby character ever, Waddledee. [...]
Kirby Star Allies Gets New Characters with 2.0 Update
The game is barely two weeks old and already Nintendo is sending updates for Kirby Star Allies to enhance the game and give you a little more variety This week, the company sent out their 2.0 update for the game, which added five new characters to the mix from Kirby's past, along with a couple[...]
Nintendo Releases Two New Kirby Star Allies Trailers
It appears as if Nintendo will slowly be releasing small ads for Kirby Star Allies before the game is released on the Nintendo Switch on March 16th, and they're starting with two that give you just a taste of what you can accomplish as a team Below are two 30-second trailers showing off some of[...]
Nintendo Finally Confirm There is a Demo for Kirby Star Allies
Last week we talked about the possibility that Nintendo might be releasing a demo of Kirby Star Allies for the Nintendo Switch, but at the time we kind of dismissed it since the game was only a few weeks away Today we learned that you can't always predict what Nintendo has in mind as the company[...]
Nintendo Shows Off Some Gameplay From Kirby Star Allies
In case you've been waiting to see what Kirby Star Allies looks like before you even think about purchasing it, Kit and Krysta from Nintendo Minute have a brand new video showing you over ten minutes of gameplay from the upcoming Nintendo Switch title Like a lot of the episodes the duo create, you're basically getting[...]
Kirby: Star Allies Is Looking To Get A Demo In Early March
It appears that Kirby: Star Allies will be getting a demo version released for the Nintendo Switch, much the same way Nintendo have done demos over the past year for Splatoon 2 and Arms The news comes to us from GoNintendo, who spotted a Google Ad promoting a demo being released on March 4th, which[...]
Get The Fan's Favorite Kirby Ability As Your Desktop
Recently, Nintendo held a fan poll asking their loyal Kirby lovers what special ability they liked in the pink ball hero Turn out that the fans really love the Mirror ability The ability has been around since the SNES days of Kirby's many adventures, as he gets a wand that does damage like the wizards, a[...]
Checking Out This Random Kirby I Bought At NYCC
Everywhere you went on the NYCC floor, there was a Kirby plushie to buy At least for the first few days As the con winded down, I needed to have one, but they were all gone So, needing a little Kirby in my life, I decided to get this Pause Big Figure version and try[...]
You Can Stream Kirby's 25th Anniversary Concert Right Now
As a part of Kirby's 25th anniversary, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, under the direction of conductor Taizou Takemoto, took the time to learn and perform 13 of the series' medleys, from Kirby's Dream Land 64, to Kirby Air Ride and more, on July 21 Today, if you weren't able to catch a flight to Japan, that concert is available[...]