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Kirby Manga Mania: Viz Media to Publish First English Edition of Manga
You must know Kirby, right? That cute pink blob from Planet Popstar who basically eats everything while staying cute all the way in his own video game series from Nintendo? Currently, there are more than 38 million copies of Kirby's games sold worldwide At last, Viz Media will be publishing the English translation of his[...]
Dream Land Kirby Nendoroid is Back From Good Smile Company
Kirby is ready for action once again as Good Smile Company reveals the rerelease of their Kirby Nendoroid figure This popular figure was originally released back in January 2016 and was so popular it has had plenty of rereleases since Kirby is a very popular character on Super Smash Bros., so it makes sense that[...]
The Latest Controversy To Rock The Smash Bros. Community... Hygiene
Something really awesome to look forward to in 2021 is that it looks like HAL Laboratory have new Kirby games coming A little something that 4Gamer did this year was put togetehr a bunch of quotes from Japanese game developers from multiple companies and asked them what their plans were for 2021 In the mix,[...]
Nintendo Releases Kirby Fighters 2 After Being Leaked
Nintendo did something unexpected today as they released Kirby Fighters 2 after they leaked their own game last night To catch you up a bit, there were a number of small Nintendo leaks last night, most of which people called out as being fake because they were too good to be true One of them,[...]
Kirby Fortnite
Social media is freaking out with speculation this weekend after Nintendo's own Kirby showed up in a Fortnite hype video from Epic Games Just to give you a little context of what we're talking about, this week the company promoted their major Party Royale event featuring Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki, and Deadmau5 playing three gigs in a[...]
The Latest Controversy To Rock The Smash Bros. Community... Hygiene
There are a lot of people who would like to see HAL Labs and Nintendo make more Kirby games, including their own staff We recently got a couple of Kirby titles from Nintendo with the release of the Switch, with the release of Kirby Star Allies and Super Kirby Clash Not to mention his appearance[...]
Kirby Gets Frosty with Re-Release Nendoroid from Good Smile Company 
Kirby isn't just ready for winter he is the winter as Good Smile Company re-releases another Kirby figure We recently saw that the original pink hero also got a re-release along with a new Waddle Dee figure This time we brace the cold as Ice Kirby is here and packed with detail and accessories He[...]
Kirby is Ready to Eat Your Wallet with New and Re-Release Nendoroids
Kirby has returned once again as Good Smile Company is re-releasing his iconic Nendoroid This figure comes with four expressions that will allow you to enhance his posing Kirby even comes with optional parts to change his appearance He will come with his sword for his classic "link" look, Fire styled and with a star[...]
Have the Greatest Nap of Your Life Inside Kirby's Mouth
Credit: Premium Bandai Have you ever wanted to take a nap with Kirby, all cuddled up next to that little ball of fluff? What about wanting to stick your head in his mouth? Did you even know that was an option? If you've ever wanted to get up close and personal with Kirby's mouth to drift off[...]
The Kirby Cafe Will Be Getting A Permanent Home
Right now, if you happen to be in Tokyo in October, you can go visit the Kirby Café in Tokyo Solamachi as they reopen on October 7th The original plan for the cafe was to be open for roughly a year and get people to try an exciting new location based on the Nintendo character[...]
The Latest Controversy To Rock The Smash Bros. Community... Hygiene
This week, we learned that former Nintendo attorney John Kirby passed away at age 79 on October 2nd, 2019, according to the New York Times Normally when regular staffers from gaming companies pass away, there isn't a ton of fanfare in the public eye But this case is different as the man had two significant[...]
Auto Draft
The next Tetris 99 Maximus Cup has been announced and this time around the theme will center around the new Nintendo game Super Kirby Clash The seventh cup will kick off at Midnight on September 20th and run until the same time at the end of September 23rd This one has some special rules, which[...]
Nintendo Announces "Super Kirby Clash" For Nintendo Switch Online
Nintendo dropped a bit of a Kirby bomb on us during their Nintendo Direct feed today as Super Kirby Clash comes out today for Nintendo Switch Online This is a game for up to four players where you will take on challenges in an action-team game What's more, it's totally free and available for Nintendo[...]
Viz Announces New Pokémon Manga and Other Titles for 2020!
Luckily, we don't miss anything… especially when our friends at VIZ Media are kind enough to share awesome manga news! There's a lot to cover, so we'll let the folks at VIZ take it from here! VIZ MEDIA ANNOUNCES NEW MANGA TITLES SET FOR 2020 RELEASE New Titles Include Inio Asano's DOWNFALL, POKÉMON ADVENTURES COLLECTOR'S EDITION, A KIRBY[...]
Kirby Celebrates 27 Years With a Message From The Series Director
For those of you who love Kirby, the pink puffball turned 27 this week And with his birthday came a special message from the series director HAL Laboratories Inc posted a new blog from Shinya Kumazaki about how prolific Kirby has become in recent years and branched out in various ways in the world when[...]