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Star Wars, Krystina Arielle & Why White Whine Really Doesn't Age Well (Image: TWDC)
But eventually, someone sat them down and showed them that 80 million > 74 million, and after what I assumed was another hour of ranting, raving, and feces-flinging? It sunk in just enough for them to readjust the frequencies that connect all of their tinfoil hats together to shift their focus from the downfall of[...]
Lost Odyssey Announces Matthew Lillard Halloween D&D Charity Game
You can read more about the show below and see who the full cast is, which on paper already looks like an amazing show. How will your favorite D&D players survive this Night Of Dread? Courtesy of Lost Odyssey. Join game master Matthew Lillard (Scream, Hackers, Scooby Doo) in his debut as a DM, alongside an all-star,[...]