League Of Assassins

'Young Justice: Outsiders' s3e6 "Rescue Op": No One Listens to Dick [SPOILER RECAP]

Welcome back to Bleeding Cool's weekly recap of DC Universe's Young Justice: Outsiders, as we jump right in with our look at the season's sixth episode, 'Rescue Op': Al-Qawiya. August 5. Jaqqar Marlo spills out of a back-alley nightclub, playing the AR game that everyone is playing using the Goode VR goggles. He is confronted by Black Spider, […]

Nightwing #43 cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez

Nightwing #43 Review: The Talkative Trio

They quickly discover that they have stumbled upon a League of Assassins operation led by Cheshire The three quarreling heroes have a long night ahead of them.[caption id="attachment_830477" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Nightwing #43 cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez[/caption]Nightwing #43 is another fun one-off story for Dick Grayson, this time teaming him up with Arsenal[...]

Stunt Coordinator James Bamford To Make Directorial Debut

It seemed only like a matter of time before Bamford would take a shot behind the camera.Just read our list of directors for Season 4 and one name in particular made me shout "AWESOME!!" in the middle of a crowded restaurant. — Stephen Amell (@amellywood) July 2, 2015Everyone congratulate @JamesBamford!! He'll be making his directorial debut[...]