Nightwing #43 Review: The Talkative Trio

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Dick Grayson is settling in for a night off when he gets a call from Robin and Arsenal for help from Nightwing in Gotham City. They quickly discover that they have stumbled upon a League of Assassins operation led by Cheshire. The three quarreling heroes have a long night ahead of them.

Nightwing #43 cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez
Nightwing #43 cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez

Nightwing #43 is another fun one-off story for Dick Grayson, this time teaming him up with Arsenal and Robin, neither of whom is fond of the other. It's a funny and energetic team-up book with a simple premise and resolution.

The sniping between Damian and Roy is arguably the selling point of the book. Both characters have big personalities and a tendency to pick fights with others, so of course they are going to use every opportunity to take pot shots at one another.

Cheshire isn't given any special motivation this time around, but she is fun and charismatic nonetheless. I feel like the League of Assassins plot here, which would theoretically kill everyone in Gotham, does clash with her tendency towards being a "villain with a code." That said, it doesn't bother me that much in this book. That's more thinking than it wants you to do, and it's fun enough so that I'm inclined to oblige.

Nightwing #43 art by Minkyu Jung and Felipe Sobreiro
Nightwing #43 art by Minkyu Jung and Felipe Sobreiro

Minkyu Jung's artwork provides a sleek, stylish, and slightly anime-inspired comic for Nightwing. The eyes, mouths, and poses lean on the anime aesthetic while the detailing and depth in the rest of the comic is more western in appearance. It all comes together well and looks good, especially in the fight scenes, which look quite good. Felipe Sobreiro is the color artist, and the colors tend towards darker given the nighttime setting. They are still well-contrasted and look great.

Nightwing #43 is another fun entry in Dick Grayson's saga. The team-up is entertaining, the pacing is good, and the action is fun enough so that you can ignore that the book can get it a little wordy. Mix that with solid artwork from Jung and Sobreiro, and I can recommend this book. Check it out.

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