Iron Fist Legacy Numbering Continues Marvel Legacy Of Wrong Numbering

Marvel has revealed its explanation for the Marvel Legacy numbering of Iron Fist, and once again, inconsistent application of the rules has made a complete mess of things.

As we continue Bleeding Cool's series of reports investigating Marvel's Legacy numbering, Iron Fist may be the most messed up title yet.

Most glaringly,the numbers don't include team-up book Power Man and Iron Fist, even though those numbers did count toward Luke Cage's legacy numbering.

It's a situation that mirrors Cable and Deadpool, whose numbers counted for Deadpool but not Cable, even though in that case Cable received top billing on the book. Iron Fist's Legacy numbering also includes mini-series, something that isn't true for all of Marvel's renumbered titles. While we're in favor of including mini-series personally, it should be done across all the books, and probably include one-shots, annuals, and zero-issues as well.

By not applying these rules consistently across titles, it makes it impossible to take Marvel's efforts toward Legacy numbering seriously, causing us to take them super-seriously in complaining about them. It's a vicious cycle that will only be compounded as Marvel continues to make all of this up as they go along.

If we didn't know better, we'd think this was little more than a gimmick to boost sales until all the titles are relaunched as new number ones next year. If we didn't know better.


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