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Sleepless #1 cover by Leila del Duca
There is tension with the new king taking the throne, and there are dangers yet to be revealed. Sleepless #1 cover by Leila del Duca Sleepless looks to establish new fantasy series How mystical it will turn out to be remains to be seen There is reference to healing magic and the "sleepless" in Sleepless Knight seems[...]
Why Shutter Is A Daring Comic
As many will attest, Cerebus is a prime example of a story which finds its way organically over time and doesn't fuss over anything like quick revelations. Where does that leave Shutter? Shutter is a work of immense artistic accomplishment in the hands of Leila Del Duca with a seemingly endless procession of the fantastic, phantasmagoric,[...]
Joe Keatinge And Leila Del Duca Announce Shutter – Updated
Kevin Schmidt writes from Image Expo, Kirkman turned the Image Expo stage over to Joe Keatinge who announced his new series Shutter with art by Leila Del Duca. It's the story of Kate Christopher, an explorer and journalist living in a world with "astronauts on the subway", robots and demons Launches in April.   Updated from press release: Marvel Knights:[...]