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Tom Brady, Russo Brothers Teaming Up For Football Documentary
Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field will co-star in the movie, which was written by Kyle Marvin and Michael Covino, and will be directed by Marvin Brady, Marvin, and Covino will all produce as well It is said that Brady has been involved in the film since its inception, and production on the[...]
Elizabeth Banks Cast As Ms. Frizzle In The Magic School Bus Film
Frizzle was voiced by Lily Tomlin A relaunch of the series was put on Netflix in 2017, featuring Kate McKinnon as Frizzle's sister Fiona Universal is hoping the staying power of the brand can lead to a new children's franchise. And why couldn't it? I don't know anyone older than 35 that doesn't have a history[...]
That '9 to 5' Sequel Really is Happening With Original Cast Jane Fonda Says
Jane Fonda was part of the TCA summer press tour in Los Angeles today, and she happened to comment on the proposed 9 to 5 sequel that has been on-again-off-again. Back in February we reported (like most sites did) that there was a sequel in the works, with original 9 to 5 writer Patricia Resnick teaming with actress/writer Rashida Jones to pen a new[...]
20th century fox logo
Still relevant today, the 1980 flick was launched into classic status with the help of an amazing cast and a catchy tune. Deadline reports that 20th Century Fox is speaking to original 9 to 5 writer Patricia Resnick, who supposedly will be teaming with actress/writer Rashida Jones to pen a new script. Theoretically, this new take will more than[...]
Magic School Bus
Lily Tomlin provided the voice of Ms Frizzle in the original series Tomlin returns to the series as well, but now as Professor Frizzle Hard to believe it's been 20 years since the original series ended. Netflix's synopsis for the new series reads: "Bus, do your stuff! The kids are back at Walkerville School for another school[...]