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Magic :The Gathering Rarities: Fraternal Exaltation & A 2nd Child
The first was his "Proposal" to his first wife, Lily Wu The second was the "Splendid Genesis", or the birth, of his first child, his daughter Terry Garfield Today, we will be looking at the third card in this series, which deals with the birth of his second child, his son Schuyler Garfield. The full art[...]
Magic: The Gathering Rarities: Richard Garfield's Marriage Cards
Today, we will be talking about the card that focuses on his proposal to Lily Wu. The art for Richard Garfield, Ph.D., a card from the Unhinged joke expansion set from Magic: The Gathering Illustrated by Dave Dorman, this "vanity" card is the last that Wizards of the Coast has decided to make (barring Invitational cards). Dr[...]