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"Tropico 6" Will Be Released On Consoles This September
Publisher Kalypso Media and developers Limbic Entertainment announced today that Tropico 6 will be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One The game has basically been a PC exclusive up until this point, but now we know the game will come out for consoles on September 27th No word yet as to why there wasn't[...]
Interview: Chatting With Tropico 6 Producer Martin Tosta
We had meetings with developers all over the world and the folks at Limbic Entertainment really impressed us They had a strong vision for Tropico 6 Once all the t's were crossed and I's dotted, we got straight to work bringing Limbic's vision for Tropico 6 to life. What lessons did you learn from the last[...]
Getting Lost in Space with Memories of Mars at PAX East
Limbic Entertainment GmbH and 505 Games' Memories of Mars is a sci-fi survival open-world game with a decent bit of tower-defense mechanics thrown in there 505 were showing off the game at PAX and I got a  bit of a chance to go play around in the sandbox However, it was probably not the best venue[...]