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Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Thief.
Created by Maurice Leblanc, the adventures of gentleman thief Arsène Lupin first began in serialized form in the French magazine Je sais tout issue #6, dated July 15, 1905.  A popular science magazine, Je sais tout had been launched earlier that year.  From this beginning 115 years ago, Lupin has become a significant global pop[...]
Fans of Netflix's Lupin and Omar Sy, rejoice! Those of us who fell hard for the neo gentleman thief thriller have been waiting on pins and needles for the rest of the season, especially since the series ended its fifth episode with a pretty intense cliffhanger This is a sizable number of people, as Lupin[...]
Lupin Part 2 Teaser Trailer Promises Dark Intense Showdown on Netflix
If you've been waiting for any clues about the return of Netflix's Lupin and what the second half of the season will contain following its stunning cliffhanger, the streaming service dropped a nice present in our laps this morning promising a return of Omar Sy as Assane Diop The trailer also contains spoilers from the[...]
Lupin is Must-See 21st Century Reimagining of Gentleman Thief Caper TV
More episodes of Netflix's Lupin are on their way! The Omar Sy led gentleman thief drama is already Netflix's biggest French-language series ever and one of the first must-watch shows of 2021 But the fifth episode ends on a cliffhanger, leaving fans desperate to find out what happens next Netflix has answered, tweeting today a[...]
Lupin is Must-See 21st Century Reimagining of Gentleman Thief Caper TV
Netflix's Lupin excellently reboots and adapts the Arsène Lupin stories in the early 1900s while updating them for the 21st century Starring Omar Sy (Jurassic World, X-Men: Days of Future Past) and with a pilot episode directed by Louis Leterrier (who directed the MCU Incredible Hulk film) it's the first eminently bingeable shows of 2021[...]