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Supergirl Season 5 Finale Immortal Kombat Finishes Loose Ends: Review

Team Supergirl finally takes on Leviathan in an epic, season-ending battle as Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) schemes and plays both sides In all, it's about the best version of how we could expect this season to end With Leviathan having seized the DEO's supply of kryptonite (and destroying the DEO, so good riddance?) the team[...]

"Crisis of Infinite Luthors": Some Thoughts on Our Lex List [POSTSCRIPT]

It's been a really strange 48 hours... Who knew a weekend-focused opinion article deigning to rank our favorite Lex Luthors of the TV and film multiverses would cause such.. appreciation???Okay, I kinda' did - but suddenly we had not one.. not two.. but three Lexes weighing in on the debate (Michael Rosenbaum, Jon Cryer, and Clancy[...]

Lee Bermejo

Lee Bermejo Draws Joker in the DC Comics Art Academy

He is  the artist behind Joker, Luthor and Suiciders, and draws the Clown Prince of Crime himself—the Joker, during the session In the process, he discusses his early days as an artist at WildStorm, who his favorite DC character is and what book he recommends to artists who'd like to draw comics A chunk of the[...]

Powerless: DC Honors Adam West By Releasing Unaired Episode (WATCH NOW)

At the time of its cancellation, there were two Powerless episodes that remained unaired: Win, Luthor, Draw; and the season/series finale, Van of the Year.PREVIOUSLY: Call For NBC To Air Adam West’s Powerless Finale Episode In honor of the passing of the man would always be known as Batman and in response to a growing number[...]