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Eric Powell Wants to Start a "Gives No @#$%s" Mad Magazine Replacement
The comics world is still reeling from the news that DC Comics will stop producing new content for Mad Magazine and will instead release issues full of reprinted material, but some comic book creators are taking action Eric Powell took to Twitter on Thursday to tease launching a satire magazine of his own at Albatross[...]
As DC Knocks BAck MAD Magazine, Marvel Revives CRAZY
This week, we got the news that DC Comics was pulling MAD Magazine off newsstands, turning the magazine into an infrequent reprint legacy brand, preserving the trademark but firing staff There was much rending of cloth. Now we see that Marvel Comics is reviving one of its own trademarks – it's own MAD-wannabee magazine from the[...]
The Mark, Sergio, Stan, and Maybe Tom Show SDCC Panel
Sakai said, "If I don't feel like writing I'll draw or pencil, and if I don't feel like pencil I'll ink, and if I don't feel like doing anything I'll work on Groo." This elicited loud laughter and applause from the audience. Evanier started talking about Aragones book, Viva MAD!, and, according to Aragones, had sold[...]
Mad Magazine wondercon 2018
If it breaks, he's feeding it out to us in London. We have the look of the new Mad Magazine, relaunching after over 500 issues with a new issue 1 in April. First, the new logo… which will reflect the original '50s logo. Looks like it will be polybagged on sale… And under the cover, the same old Alfred[...]
Mad Magazine Getting A Relaunch On April Fools Day With Bigger Web Presence
Mad Magazine is the latest property owned by a comic book publisher to catch relaunch fever! Revealed at New York Comic Con today, the classic humor magazine is getting relaunched on April 1, with an increased web presence and a new podcast In typical Mad fashion, we can probably expect the relaunch shenanigans to be[...]
MAD Magazine Offers Up A Holiday Gift Bag
For 64 years, MAD Magazine has been publishing cutting edge satire and pop culture jabs They've published over 540 issues and is the last surviving title from EC Comics They've been the home for some incredibly talented artist and writers through the years like Sergio Aragones, Paul Coker, Jack Davis and Wally Wood Most everyone[...]
Mad Magazine Launches Its First Blank Cover. And Adds A Blank Variant As Well.
And, with a little Frank Cho outrage, can sell for hundreds or thousands…. Now Mad Magazine wants to play Published by DC Comics, it is using the blank sketch cover appeal from that market to create one for its own, for issue 538. Except it is also offering a blank variant cover That appears to be exactly[...]
Weird Al Yankovic Wants To Answer Your Questions In Mad Magazine
We know that “Weird Al” Yankovic is guest-editing an upcoming issue of Mad Magazine #533, the first guest editor in the publication's history. And he is making an offer to personally answer your questions as readers are invited to sending letters for MAD’s Letters and Tomatoes section at with Weird Al promising to personally provide dumb answers to the[...]
Dark Horse Brings 1959 Graphic Novel, Harvey Kurtzman's Jungle Book, Back Into Print
4) Decadence Degenerated as a man in the Deep South is convicted for murder, due to the fact that he's a reader. Ex-Mad Publisher Harvey Kurtzman proposed the book to Ballantine after leaving magazines behind him, and who had previously published Mad collections It was the first such volume to feature original work, and designed for the traditional[...]
Now Planeta De Agostini Loses DC Italian Rights To RW Edizioni
It was quite a shock, no one seemed to have seen it coming. This week's announcement suddenly seems less shocking as a result. That publisher RW Edizioni is to take the Italian language rights away from Planeta De Agostini and start publishing DC titles from January 2012, under their Lion imprint, including the DCU, Vertigo and Mad[...]