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Mad Magazine Staff Tired Of Making Fun Of Donald Trump, But Will Continue To Do So, Says Editor John Ficarra


The staff of long-running satirical magazine Mad are getting tired of mocking President Donald Trump. Mad editor John Ficarra gave an interview to Fast Company today in which he talked about the staff's exhaustion with the president, who is often "a parody of himself," making fictional jokes harder to come up with. "There is terrible, horrible Trump fatigue at the Mad offices!" Ficarra said in the interview. "We are soooooo sick of doing Trump stuff."

Despite the fatigue, Ficarra says that Mad will continue to "give the people what they want" and continue to spoof Donald Trump and his close friends and allies, saying, "Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, and Steve Bannon continue to give us areas of great material, so we don't have to always go after Trump directly. How the Republican party has pretty much bent over for anything he has said or done gives us fodder." In addition to mocking Trump and Republicans for being so crazy, Ficarra says that Democrats lack of ability to stand up to Trump will lead to opportunity to make fun of the other side as well. He adds that his goal for 2017 is to goad Trump into tweeting negatively about the magazine.

Left off the list of potential Trump-related targets is Marvel Comics Chairman Ike Perlmutter, who has been frequently spotted with Trump, including traveling with the president on Air Force One, and serves as an advisor to his administration. Mad is published by DC Comics, Marvel's chief rival, so he would seem like an obvious target. Then again, the reclusive billionaire is known to be a tad litigious, so perhaps Mad is wisely avoiding biting off more than they can chew.

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