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Hangar 13's Haden Blackman to Deliver Keynote at Develop: Brighton

Hangar 13 Global Studio Head Haden Blackman and Vice President of Development Andy Wilson will deliver the final keynote to be announced for the Develop:Brighton conference and expo this July.At the Hilton Brighton Metropole, during a fireside chat closing the opening day of the show on Tuesday July 10th, the two will open up about[...]

Get The Inside Look At Mafia III's Newest DLC 'Stones Unturned' In A New Video

On this episode of Mafia III's Inside Look,  Hangar 13 gives us details about Stones Unturned, the next DLC for Mafia III coming to us on May 30th Find out what motivates Donovan to leave the motel room behind and take up arms alongside Lincoln.The description for the DLC reads as follows: 1968 New Bordeaux, Louisiana[...]

Grand Theft Auto V And Grand Theft Auto Online Gave A Major Boost To Take-Two's Earnings

Their third quarter ended strongly on December 31, 2016 and their fourth quarter predictions for March 31st currently stand at a range from $1.75 to $1.8 billion for net revenue with net income ranging from $108 to $117 million.[wpdatatable id=3]Essentially, things are good for Take-Two Interactive right now, and the company bases their success on[...]

Mafia III Gameplay Video Shows Off 15 Minutes Of The Game In Motion

Mafia III might be my most anticipated game this holiday period There are lots of great big AAA games coming, but there seems to be a lot going on under the hood for this one.The setting, time period and thematic undertones all seem pretty unique, and you can see that delicious cocktail come together in[...]

Mafia III's Voodoo Queen Gets An Introductory Trailer

In Mafia III, you are going to be juggling a lot of property and promises between three bosses who help you build your empire It's a neat mechanic, and can end up with your former 'family' members turning on you to kill you.You can get a look at one of the trinity here, with Cassandra,[...]

Get A Brief But Succinct Briefing On Mafia III's Lead Character

Mafia III has so much potential that shines every time I see it It appears to be really focused on story, but also the history of the politics and setting of 1960s Louisiana It has a 'mature' feel, and not just because it has content that deems it R rated.This new trailer, is very brief[...]

Mafia III's E3 Trailer Has Hit And It's Quite Excellent

Mafia III has continually surprised since it was announced It has shown a huge ambition to create what looks like a culturally rich landscape.2K have now released their E3 trailer too, showing the world we are going to be diving into this year This trailer has so much style and texture to it, in a[...]

Take-Two Says Mafia III And GTA Are Completely Different Experiences

When talking about Mafia III in regards to  GTA, Zelnick said that it is a: completely different experience I wouldn't compare it to anything else out there The reveal was great, but it stands alone. He then went on to say that Grand Theft Auto doesn't have a comparison, at least where Take-Two are concerned: We don't use[...]

Mafia III Trailer Is Bleak But Hints At Deeply Interesting Game

Mafia III was announced a few days ago and we were then promised a full reveal today That finally came in the way of a very interesting looking cinematic trailer.The game takes place in 1968 in New Orleans, and you take on the role of Lincoln Clay It seems this dude is pretty serious about[...]

Mafia III Confirmed With Reveal Coming Next Week

Mafia is a bit of an obscure series. It certainly has its fans, but failed to ever take off in a serious fashion when compared to crime-centric open world games like Grand Theft Auto and Saint's Row (although that series has turned into something else entirely). Well, the franchise is having a third bite of […]