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How Magic Wind Will Be Blowing Across America

How Magic Wind Will Be Blowing Across America

Last week we ran some news on the US version of the Italian comic Magic Wind from Epicenter Comics in San Diego.Now we have some idea of how they are planning to do it.Each of the 96 page black and white original Italian editions will be reprinted as three 32 page colour editions Which means,[...]

Epicenter Comics A New San Diego Company To Publish Sergio Bonelli Comic Magic Wind

Epicenter Comics, A New San Diego Company, To Publish Sergio Bonelli Comic Magic Wind

Bonelli is represented internationally by Panini.Previously his work had been published by Dark Horse and IDW, with covers by Dave Gibbons, Mike Mignola, Art Adams and Ashley Wood.The first book they'll be publishing is Magico Vento, or Magic Wind Its creator and writer, Gianfranco Manfredi told a Bleeding cool source; “The publisher is Epicenter Comics (San[...]