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Wyrd Games teases "Burning Bridges" Minis for Malifaux 3E
But Wyrd knows we love to party really hard, so they decided to add a little fuel to our party fire. Get ready for the Burning Bridges boxed set, which includes Elijah Borgmann, a big ole' Fire Golem, and three Firebranded: //Credit: Wyrd Games First off, I'm really digging on the new art design for the Malifaux 3E[...]
Wyrd Games Announces Release Details for 'Malifaux' 3E
For all of the details, and what to expect from Malifaux 3E in the future, check out the retailer newsletter! Malifaux is one of the more entertaining table top miniature games out there, with bands of gunslingers, gremlins, and monsters facing off against each other for control of a precious, magical resource The game uses[...]